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Nissan Problems In The News

Learn what the media has to say about the tire problems with the Nissan 350z.

Nissan Using Black Box Data To Void GT-R Warranty Claims - Nissan engineers can download car information and are using it against drivers to void their warranty claims on transmissions when not using Vehicle Dynamic Control.

Autoweek Online conducted a year long test of the 350z and they documented their nagging tire problems.

  • Wrap Up Report - "We would have enjoyed our time all the more had our 350Z not been plagued with such a nagging tire problem... As soon as a few thousand miles rolled onto the odometer, the Z's Bridge-stones feathered and produced a noise that quickly grew to roaring, unbearable levels. Neither the dealership or Nissan, for that matter, had a satisfying solution, insisting that swapping the front tires side-to-side and adjusting the toe-in would help. That proved but a bandage; the noise would recur and our patience would wear thin." (article taken offline)
  • Testing the Love - Third quarter update of Autoweek Online's long-term test of the Nissan 350z. "Unfortunately, a problem we noted during the second-quarter update regarding front tire noise grew worse this quarter...We had the recommended service done once and the noise went away... for a while. But it came back..." (article taken offline)
  • Tires Were The Biggest Issue - During their 2nd quarter test around 11,000 miles, they started experiencing the tire feathering and noise problem. "Tires were the biggest issue during the quarter, specifically the front tires. At 11,000 miles we started hearing quite a bit of noise coming from the Bridgestones up front..." (article taken offline)

- Is this the Fix? Nissan issues TSB on 350Z tire wear, extends warranty.

Wearing Thin: Tire rumbling has Nissan 350Z owners grumbling - Autoweek reports on the growing tire feathering and noise problem.

Edmunds.com also conducted a long term test of the the 350z. Unfortunately, the two articles are no longer available. Some comments about the issue are kept below.

  • Wrap Up Report (article no longer available):
    "As much as we loved the engine's deep, authoritative exhaust note, it couldn't cover the excessive tire noise that began to develop around 13,000 miles..."
  • 2nd Quarter Report (article no longer available):
    "The primary issue we dealt with over the past three months was a growing level of tire noise that threatened to drown out even the car's highly capable audio system..."

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