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Nissan 350z and GT-R Tire Problems

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Have you experienced abnormal tire wear on your Nissan 350z? Do your tires show signs of feathering or cupping? Have you had one or more sets of tires replaced on your 350z? Are you suffering from excessive tire noise? You are not alone. Message boards are filled with 1000's of posts from 350z owners across the country reporting problems with their tires. In some cases, consumers are reportedly going through three sets of tires within 12,000 - 14,000 miles!

This site is designed to provide consumers with information about the reported Nissan 350z tire problems. Our goal is to help you resolve your problems with your 350z.

What Is Tire Feathering?

Tire feathering occurs when the tread ribs actually scrape down the road. It's a common occurrence when the tire has a camber problem or needs toe-in or toe-out alignment. With the Nissan 350z, reports of extremely loud tire noise (sometimes identified as tire roar or howling) almost always accompany the tire feathering problem. Once the tire wear begins, so does the noise. The more miles accumulated, the louder the noise gets.

Does Nissan Know There's A Tire Problem?

Yes. In fact, so far Nissan has issued three separate Technical Service Bulletins addressing the problem, including one which according to Auto Week says the suspension design/geometry of some models is causing the inside of the tires to wear in a choppy fashion.

When the tire feathering problem appeared during a long-term test of the 350z by Edmunds.com, they contacted Nissan and were told that cars built early in the production cycle had known alignment issues that caused uneven tire wear. And according to a report by Auto Week, Nissan is "cautiously optimistic the problem is under control and will not plague newer 350z's, although the company acknowledges that it doesn't consider the matter closed and it's engineer's continue to monitor the situation."

Is Nissan Fixing The Reported Tire Problems With The 350z's?

In one of the technical service bulletins (NTB03-006A) issued to deal with the problem, Nissan instructs dealers to swap the left tire to the right side and the right tire to the left side (the tires have to take be taken off the wheels because the tires are unidirectional). In addition, the dealer is instructed to align the car to the new specifications listed in the TSB. Unfortunately, this has proved to be only a temporary fix. Auto Week reported the tire noise and feathering went away only to reappear later at a later time. In fact, many consumers have reported that within 3000 miles of having the tires swapped and the cars aligned, the problems have reappeared to an even greater extent.

Is There Anything I Can Do?

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, you should know that most state and Federal consumer lemon laws or warranty laws provide a right to a refund or a new car in any situation where the use, value or safety has been substantially affected. Certainly the above problems can be distracting at best, or lead to disastrous consequences at worst. That consumers can obtain free legal representation from skilled and experienced consumer lemon law attorneys for such claims is also a little known fact. Why settle for excuses and aggravation anymore?

If you would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you, take a moment to read through this web site or contact any of the attorneys listed. There is no cost or fee for doing so.